NOT a fan of VICE videos but I thought this was interesting

7 Feb

Hey guys!

I am not a fan personally of vice videos but I clicked on this one and thought it was interesting as we see people of the same race labelling and mistreating based on different views and opinions politically. The first video is very short and obviously very edited, for time purposes I am sure. The second video is a tad longer. I wanted to post them and just see what everyone as a class thinks about them?

One Reply to “NOT a fan of VICE videos but I thought this was interesting”

  1. So, although this has nothing to do with critical race theory, I am compelled to point out that to expect all Blacks to think alike is, in itself, racist. What does it mean for Black people to disagree? Nothing. Just like Whites, Blacks can be ignorant and ill-informed. What does it mean if some slaves said, “We are happy being slaves. We don’t want to be free.” It doesn’t change the immorality and illegality of slavery.

    Many of these Black conservatives are incredibly ignorant. Obama was not raised in wealth and privilege. It’s simply NOT TRUE. While Obama did not address a lot of issues close to my heart, he die reinstate Pell grants for former felons. He strengthened environmental justice regulations, and funneled aid to HBCUs.

    I welcome any responses to my response.

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