International Women’s Day

Impactful Women

As international women’s day approaches, I have been reminded of the impactful women in my life and their vital roles. Growing up, I have been close to my mother and both grandmothers. Yet, I have found as I have grown older the many similarities I posses of all of them, especially my grandmother, Virginia. As I begin planning for my wedding, I am reminded of her spirit as I start making decisions.

To me, wedding preparation is DAUNTING.

Not only is it exhausting in general, but I also find the most exhausting piece being the need I feel to cater to everyone’s opinion. The differing opinions and requests I have gotten, make me feel I have a need to pay attention to them all. At time it has made me feel like there is no where left for my voice and it is the last one being the heard. I have found, I just beed to take control.

Now that the General Assembly session is coming to an end, I have had more time to focus on the wedding and have begun to make some progress. My personality is pretty type A, and as I can start planning, I knew I needed a planner. I printed a full online wedding planner book (sorry, work!), and since then, I have been in FULL WEDDING MODE.

The past few days, I have begun making choices, and I have noticed that the details of my wedding are all similar to my grandmother Virginia’s.

  • The dress is VERY similar
  • The wedding jewelry ideas look alike
  • The venue 
  • Colors

As I began making choices and preparing, I found many people drawing attention to my options and my grandmother’s. The comments from surrounding family made me stop and think about how much she had made on my life and how my favorite celebrity (who reminded me of her) has impacted my life. International women’s day causes us all to think of the women who have changed our lives, those who have formed who were are today. For Virginia, she has sculpted my personality, style, education choices, and lifestyles. 

Growing up, there was a constant reminder from EVERYONE that the clothes I picked and things I said were just like her. I seemed for remind eveyone she knew of her. She was a big part of my life, but as she became older, she developed Alzheimer’s disease rapidly and within a short time had like  recollection of her life. The impact of the condition created a struggle for my family, and now my grandmother is a memory. I wear her jewelry and make the choices she would make. Much of my system and actions are based on a memory I remember of her. She was a role model for me.

As I have gotten older, I have developed a love for Audrey Hepburn. I think she classy, smart, beautiful, and was such a great woman. I have been obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany’s for years (just ask my Fiancé) I was proposed to in New York and had breakfast Tiffany and Co. Much of this love comes from the inspiration of my grandmother. Both women are very similar, and I see their features reflected in each other. Audrey has been a role model for me.

When I think of international women’s day, I think of these two important women. They have shaped who I am today. Although I never met Audrey, I feel like an I did sometimes and though, I wasn’t alive for my grandmother’s wedding, I have felt gravitation to hers.I see my grandmother in all my wedding preparation as if she was here with me making decisonsIn. International women’s day has caused me to celebrate these women and reflect on how much they are in my life.


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  • March 22, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. Somehow, I think I missed that you were planning your wedding. That’s wonderful news!

    You’ve done a nice job of chunking content together. Be sure to proofread before submitting: sometimes it’s useful to compose in a word processor to catch errors, then post.

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