Millennial, In Age Only.

My practice post is 20 days past due. This post is so late, in fact, that I nearly opted to just take the “0” and move on with my life. Surely I could come back from one “0” in the grade book. But the fact of the matter is that this post is so late because I have a deep fear of using technology. And no, I do not mean that I am afraid of Artificial Intelligence taking over the world and turning all of the hard-copy reading humans into slaves and eradicating the world of brick and mortar shops; no, that is not what I mean, because that would make me all too normal. I am afraid of things like “blogging,” “uploading,” “downloading,” making things go “live” (I still am not certain what that even means). These are activities I avoid, and these are words I try to ignore in polite conversation. But, regardless, I felt that 20 days was long enough. It is time to come out of my hole now. After all, I am a Millennial, and these things should not scare me. At least, I am told they are not supposed to.

When I first started teaching, my co-teacher would re-send me important emails because she knew I was more than likely to miss them the first time. My family still complains that it takes me several days to respond to text messages because I often do not even know where my phone is. And when my cousins ask me for my snapchat handle, I look at them as if they were speaking a foreign language. When they explain to me what that is, I then look at them as if it were the most ridiculous idea that anyone would want to bother with having a snapchat handle.

You can judge. My boyfriend tells me that I am secretly an old lady living inside of a Millennial’s body. But, in my defense, my generation was hooked on phonics before it was hooked on iPhones and Apple watches. I learned to read by watching cartoon characters on VHS’s play with sight words, and ten years later everyone had started replacing their VCR’s with DVD players (then Blu-ray players, and now nothing because everything can instantly be streamed on my television from a USB stick).  Perhaps most Millennials could keep up because technology changed so fast while we were changing so fast. I had hardly hit puberty when the internet hat hit everyone’s homes. But I avoided it then. And, yes, I avoid it now. But technology has grown so vast and become so invasive that it is nearly impossible to participate in the world today without becoming familiar with it. I thought knowing how to check my email and post Google Docs online for my students would be enough to get by. But here I am, considering failing an assignment just to avoid one of those “scary words”: blogging.

The truth is, however, that I recognized how absurd it is to be afraid of something as simple as posting a couple of paragraphs on a blog. I am more afraid of doing this, and doing it wrong, than I am of failing an assignment. And, Millennial or not, that is no way to live in a world that no longer functions without technology. So since I could not beat them, I have decided to join them. For now.


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  • February 22, 2020 at 4:40 pm

    This has such voice. It makes me laugh. Thanks for that.

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