Daniel Hocutt

Web Manager and Adjunct Professor of English for the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies.

2 thoughts on “Fabric of Digital Life: Next Steps in the Project

  • February 25, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    Daniel, I am not sure I understand the questions – I am embarrassed to admit this – especially “the embodied classroom is a safe or generative environment for fostering pedagogical resources.” I think that, like so much of public education and the evolution of “good practice” as we keep up with the world at large, preparing kids for jobs, choices are foisted upon us, the teachers of the US. Technology is no different.

    Do YOU think we need to revisit our contribution?

    (As I said in class, I can imagine lots more technology we might add to our collection, but since I felt I was flying blind (and confess to still not being fluent in the language of Fabric), I don’t know what that might be…)

    • February 25, 2020 at 5:52 pm

      I appreciate you pushing back against this question. Not that it was a test, but I think her question is challenging, too. One of the ideas that floated to the surface in my conversations with Isabel focused on her impression that our collection fearlessly talked about playing with technologies in the composition classroom. Even the idea that a collection of education technologies focused on secondary/early college composition instruction could be put together challenged her perception of the way educators and students often think about engaging technologies in instruction. She found our collection informative in the way it describes the classroom as a safe place for trying and testing technologies. She found the way we described the classroom environment itself — as a place for engaging technologies and wanting to capture their use in the moment — as generative, meaning it provides a point of fruitful discussion into integrating technology in the classroom. While you may feel “foisted upon,” our collection reads as “safe and generative,” a place where experimentation is welcome and appreciated.

      Bottom line, I think it would be useful to add Google Drive as a core technology, similar to the way Facebook and Instagram have been added, and then to include specific uses of Google Doc features for instruction (i.e., peer editing/review/revision using comments and suggesting features, sharing and collaborating in real time, etc.). These may be challenging to capture, but they would be valuable additions to our collection.

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