Update on Fabric of Digital Life Collection

Dr. Isabel Pederson, director of the Fabric of Digital Life archive, shared the URL to access a draft of our collection so we could review and revise based on her feedback and suggestions. For comparison, here’s the text of the introduction as we submitted it last fall. As you can see, the title and text have been edited. The collection is now titled “The Embodied Classroom: Technologies Used For Secondary Composition Pedagogy.”

One item for us to address is whether the description of our four technologies should be expanded and included. At the moment, it looks like only one of the four (the Facebook group) is described in detail. I’ll ask whether that’s intentional or accidental.

I asked Isabel about Meg’s missing Instagram artifact, and she provided this response:

We are working to include a general Instagram artifact to be used in conjunction with the lesson plan (cross reference). So it is halfway there right now, but I may have questions. Yes! I will make it public soon for you to see.

We’ll be able to see the artifact cross reference soon, and we’ll provide feedback at that time.

I’m envisioning a Google Doc where we’ll collect our feedback, which will be how I account for the 5% of your grade assigned to this project. I’d like to involve Amber in this aspect of the project and add her to the list of contributors, and I’ll also reach out to Susan for her feedback, since she’s also a contributor. More on how exactly we record and provide feedback.

Google Glass image: Pixabay licensed from user OpenIcons 

Daniel Hocutt

Web Manager and Adjunct Professor of English for the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies.

One thought on “Update on Fabric of Digital Life Collection

  • January 23, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    I received an update on the collection from Isabel today. Take a look at the collection and start thinking about edits we want to make.

    We added 2 videos, one for instagram and one for facebook and cross-referenced them. So the collection has 6 items now. See what the students think, and let us know. Edits are of course welcome!

    We could not find that source article in Digital Trends for the “Instagram as a Composition Tool in the Secondary Language Arts Classroom” artifact. We would have added it. Not important, just a sidenote.


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