Welcome to Business & Professional Writing

There are several reasons we’re using this blog in ENGL 598U ST: Business & Professional Communication.

  1. To post responses to our readings and class notes, and to respond to one another’s posts using comments.
  2. To write in a public-facing medium using the techniques of plain language.
  3. To familiarize ourselves with blogging software including code view.

Please categorize your posts to help organize the blog. These are the current categories, but you’re welcome to add more:

  • Field Responses: Posts related to the field of business/professional/technical writing/communication (tech comm for short)
  • Theory Responses: Posts related to theories of tech comm, rhetoric, language, or others
  • Practical Responses: Posts related to the practice of tech comm in public or private settings

Additionally, please add tags that makes sense. As the semester continues, our tag list will start to map out our understanding of the course, its readings and our responses.

Wormhole image: Pixabay licensed from user JohnsonMartin

Daniel Hocutt

Web Manager and Adjunct Professor of English for the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies.

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