Group 2: Formal Educational Research and Action Research

All group 2 members post their response by midnight on May 26 and all members respond to two others group members’ post by midnight on May 29.

Assignment Description:
Discuss similarities and difference between the two educational research approaches. Include a discussion of ethical considerations.
How likely are you to engage in either type of research in your field?
Which of the two types of research feels like the best fit for you? Why?
The post also serves as a preparation for answering a possible comprehensive exam question for this class. Comprehensive exam answers are typically 3-4 pages in length (double spaced, 12 – point font) and should demonstrate your understanding of the question both from a theoretical and practical perspective. Therefore, you post should demonstrate your familiarity and command of the content discussed in the textbook (Chapters 1, 2, and 9) and in class. Additionally, you are expected to include examples or references to your educational practice. While you will use the textbook and other resources to write your answer, it is not a referenced paper – more like an essay.
After you made your own post, you are expected to comment on the posts of at least two other class members. These comments are not simply ‘good job’ or ‘you’re wrong’ but should critically examine the poster’s data/evidence, and/or suggestions for its relevance to your teaching practice. Comments should be at least a full paragraph (approx. 100 words). More thorough and insightful comments will receive better scores.
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