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MORE on embedding videos/movies into PowerPoint

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

So as it goes, a Mac user needed to embed a youtube video into PowerPoint.  PowerPoint 2008 looks very different than PowerPoint 2007, so I was on a quest to write another set of instructions.  What I found was that there is an easier way to embed videos into PowerPoint than I had previously found.

The “trick” seems to be to convert the media file into something PowerPoint likes – so I found this handy tool called Media Converter (  You simply supply the site with a link, choose the output, and download your media.  Interestingly enough, PowerPoint 2008 (Mac) was the happiest with mp4 files, while PowerPoint 2007 (Windows) preferred wmv files.

Attached is a handout on how to SIMPLY embed video into your PowerPoint presentation.  Using Media Converter, you can also embed audio files as well.  embeddingvideopowerpoint1.pdf

Embedding YouTube videos into PowerPoint 2007

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

One of the law school legal research instructors was working on an upcoming lesson plan and asked, “isn’t there a way just to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint without having to leave the slide show to show a video?”  The simple answer is Yes.  More and more faculty (as well as students and staff) are using video storage houses such as YouTube to upload shared video, as well as use video produced by others as a teaching tool.

Check out the useful “how to” tidbit on embedding YouTube video into PowerPoint 2007 –  Embedding YouTube into PowerPoint 2007