MORE on embedding videos/movies into PowerPoint

So as it goes, a Mac user needed to embed a youtube video into PowerPoint.  PowerPoint 2008 looks very different than PowerPoint 2007, so I was on a quest to write another set of instructions.  What I found was that there is an easier way to embed videos into PowerPoint than I had previously found.

The “trick” seems to be to convert the media file into something PowerPoint likes – so I found this handy tool called Media Converter (  You simply supply the site with a link, choose the output, and download your media.  Interestingly enough, PowerPoint 2008 (Mac) was the happiest with mp4 files, while PowerPoint 2007 (Windows) preferred wmv files.

Attached is a handout on how to SIMPLY embed video into your PowerPoint presentation.  Using Media Converter, you can also embed audio files as well.  embeddingvideopowerpoint1.pdf

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