University of Richmond VPN Software for WINDOWS

Ever find yourself at home and wishing you could get to your Netfiles directory on your home computer?  Well, you can!  All University computer have our VPN (Virtual Private Network) software loaded onto them – our students have all been given instructions on how to load the software on their primary laptops.  There is no limit to the number of computers you can load the software onto – here’s what you need to do to use VPN on another computer:

1.  Go to (note the “s” in both the https: and wwws – they’re necessary)

2.  Log in with your University NetID and password

3.  Install the PROFILE portion of the software first – install in the default location

4.  Install the CLIENT portion of the software next – unzip the software into a folder called c:\cisco – follow the prompts on the screen to finish the installation process.  Restart your computer.

Once the University’s VPN software has been successfully installed, you can:

1.  Get to your Netfiles:

a.  Click Start, choose run if using Windows XP, otherwise just type \\netfiles\users\x\xxxxx (x=the first letter of your NetID; xxxxx = your NetID

b.  You will see a box pop up to enter your credentials.  In the User field, type richmond\xxxxx (xxxxx=your NetID).  In the Password field, type your University password.

2.  Get to Library materials that are restricted for University-only use (example:  HeinOnline).

3.  Print to network printers.

Would you like a handout?  Click here:  vpnforwindows.pdf

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