Chapter 19

The final chapter of “Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”, entitled “The Sacrifice”, describes the procedures of a Hmong soul retrieval ceremony conducted by a txiv neeb. The chapter begins with Hmong folklore surrounding the origination and significance of txiv neebs, emphasizing objects the are necessary to complete spiritual healing, ie a flying horse.Continue reading Chapter 19

Unnatural Causes: Becoming American

“Unnatural Causes : Becoming American” follows the narrative and health of a Mexican family that has recently immigrated to the United States. Contrary to popular (and incredibly racist) opinions surrounding Mexican and Latinx immigrants as being lazy, dirty, and undetermined, they are an extremely hard working and healthy population that have lower rates of cancer,Continue reading Unnatural Causes: Becoming American

Chapters 11 and 12 Reflections

Chapters Eleven and Twelve provided progression to Lia’s narrative and context surrounding the Lee’s experience as refugees, respectively. Chapter eleven, “The Big One”, focused on a severe seizure Lia experienced that left her in septic shock. After being transported to Fresno, doctors discovered that her brain had experienced severe oxygen deprivation, which ultimately left LiaContinue reading Chapters 11 and 12 Reflections