If You Don’t Like It: The Two Most Ridiculous Arguments Against Diversity in Games

17 Feb

There are two things I frequently see in arguments against diversity in games (and other media, but especially in games) which are worth noting because of the spectacular way in which they completely miss the ideological boat about which the … Read More »

Get Rid of the Black Marker: A Post Against Censorship

3 Feb

A recent conversation has reiterated one of the components of recent internet discussions of games – particularly those containing overt misogyny – that bothers me more than most of the others. It’s the conflation amongst many online of “criticism” with … Read More »

[Redacted] – Games, Censorship, and Sexual Violence

15 Jan

One of the big news stories in gaming at the moment is about Australia’s refusal to issue classification to Devolver’s Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number due to sexual violence (link to Kotaku Australia). In Australia, media that “depict, express or … Read More »