Writing Geography with Children’s Literature:…If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad


A different time…a different place…What if you were there?

If you travled on the Underground Railroad
-Where was the safest place to go?
-Would you use a disguise when you ran?
-What would you do when you were free?

 …If You Traveled on The Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine and illustrated by Larry Johnson is a book introducing the Underground Railroad, the system of escape routes, safe houses, and individuals who assisted slaves on their journey to freedom.

Curriculum Connections

This book can be presented when talking about the roles of enslaved African Americans during the Civil War (SOL VS.7).

Additional Resources

1. This is a brief biography on Harriet Tubman.

2. Check out this book about Harriet Tubman, A Woman of Courage.

3. This is a map of the Underground Railroad routes.

Book:  …If You Traveled on The Underground Railroad
Author:  Ellen Levine
Illustrator:  Larry Johnson
Publisher:  Scholastic Paperbacks
Publication Date:  1993
Pages:  64
Grade Level:  3-6
ISBN:  0-590-45156-1