Teaching Physical Science with Children’s Literature: Science Answers Forces and Motion From Push to Shove


Science Answers Froces and Motion From Push to Shove written by Christopher Cooper, illustrated by Jeff Edwards

This book gives great explanations about force and motion, and students can relate to the modern day real life examples and photographs.

Have your students ever wondered ”How Can You Make Objects Move Faster and Slower?” or ”Why do Things Float?”. Science Answers Forces and Motion From Push to Shove answers these questions and many more. It contains information on force, motion, and pressure. “The muscles of your body are exerting a force, and the object being pushed or pulled is responding to that force.” It has a glossary in the back for the different terms used throughout the book, and it contains different experiments throughout that help illustrate different laws of motion. It also contains a page on “Amazing Facts” such as “The greatest amount of controlled force produced by humans is developed by the space shuttle. At launch, two solid-fuel booster rockets generate about 1,543 tons of thrust each.” The page on “People Who Found the Answers” gives a little more information about Archimedes of Syracuse and Isaac Newton. 


Curriculum Connections
Science Answers Forces and Motion From Push to Shove is a great resource for teaching motion and force. It helps students understand that motion is described by an object’s direction and speed, forces cause change in motion, and friction is a force that opposes motion. It is connected to VA SOL Force, Motion, and Energy 4.2. The student will investigate and understand characteristics and interaction of moving objects

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Book: Science Answers Forces and Motion From Push to Shove
Author: Christopher Cooper
Illustrator: Jeff Edwards
Publisher: Heinemann Library
Publication Date: 2004
Pages: 29 pages
Grade Range: 3-6
ISBN: 9781403435484