My name is Ashley James. I am a sophomore at the University of Richmond. I am majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in biology and Spanish. The past to summers I have worked in a marine biology/environmental ecology lab. I specifically study the trophic ecology of sponges which are very important animals in an ocean because they filter nutrients. I believe that water is very important for social, environmental,  and health reasons which is why I took the class Local 2 Global: Water. I also care a lot about water in terms of ecology and how the species in a given ecosystem interact.

Snorkeling in a coral reef.

Snorkeling in a coral reef.


In the Spring of 2016 I will journey to Bocas del Toro, Panama for the School for Field Studies program to study Biodiversity in the tropical forest.


I will be taking 4 classes while in Bocas and I also plan to engage in my own research project.

I’m particularly interested in specific species such as corals and why there are important/ how to preserve them and in the monitoring of marine habitats.


Keep posted for my adventures; I plan to do lots of Snorkeling!