19 Sep

General Assembly Internship (PLSC 395): Information Sessions   The Virginia General Assembly Internship (PLSC 395) allows students to serve 20 hours per in the office of a delegate, senator, executive office, or lobbying firm during the legislative session that begins … Read More »

Welcome to the Course

17 Aug

Greetings, Scholars: This semester we explore the political institutions, processes, economy, and culture of the United States of America. Our goal is to think critically about these aspects of U.S. politics so that we can analyze the issues for ourselves. … Read More »

Getting the News

12 Aug

Remember to watch or listen to a news program daily.  Listen: National Public Radio, All Things Considered at: Other good sources: National Review Online Huffington Post FactCheck.Org VOTE SMART Mother Jones The Christian Science Monitor The Oyez Project at … Read More »