Tables of Contents

This is my Table of Contents. Pages are in all capitals and pages-within-pages are bulleted below. . . .

HOME — Features two blog posts, which include this (the Table of Contents) and my Introduction

STAGE 1 — Commentary on my process for Stage One.

  • Draft – Stage One
  • Final – Stage One
  • Peer Commentary – Stage One

STAGE 2 — Commentary on my process for Stage Two.

  • Draft – Stage Two
  • Final – Stage Two
  • Peer Commentary – Stage Two

STAGE 3 — Commentary on my process for Stage Three. This page also includes the Topic and the Outline for this final section of the project.

  • Draft – Stage Three
  • Final – Stage Three
  • Peer Commentary – Stage Three

THINGS LEARNED — What I have learned from peer-editing other people’s papers.

WORKS CITED —  A link to my full annotated bibliography, with commentary on the works cited process.

X-TRAS: BONUS MATERIAL! – A few other pieces of the analytical and creative processes throughout the three stages that managed to make the final cut.

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