UR TechVision 2015

A faculty learning conference hosted by the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology at the University of Richmond.  This year’s focus is on student engagement and how technology has been integrated in the classroom.  Faculty will discuss Digital Media, Mobile Uses, Drones in Higher Education, and the Flipped Classroom.  To learn more and register, visit URtechvision

The Parking Lot Project

I had the opportunity to work with Erling Svjold and Elizabeth Schlatter on their class project, entitled The Parking Lot Project. In fall 2014 iPads were issued to the class, a video camera and a still camera were mounted on a the side of a building to document the year long project.  It was a project that … [Read more…]

Digital Storytelling with the Valentine Museum

I had the pleasure of seeing Nicole Maurantonio’s final class projects in April from her spring course, Memory and Memorializing in the City of Richmond. The students used the Tehnology Learning Center Resources by recording their narratives in one of our av sound rooms.  More of their projects can be found on learndst. “Taking the city of … [Read more…]

Alternative Education with iBooks

Mavis Brown, professor in Education came to a lunch discussion I led on Documentary in the classroom.  After this she came to me wanting to learn about documentary for the sake of a project she had for her students in the fall to create an iBook. I guided her and a student to create a … [Read more…]

National Maker Day

President Obama made a call to action that effects us .  Here is his proclamation of national day of making.  Having just returned from the New Media Consortium Conference, where the topic of Maker Spaces was abundant, it seems that many institutions are on the right track. We had a Pizza and Pedagogy discussion about Maker … [Read more…]

About Coil

Coil : From the Latin Colligere and the Medieval French Colliere: ‘To Gather together” I received a B.F.A. in Film from Purchase College which is a school made up of arts conservatories and is part of the SUNY system.  There I took a course called Cross-Cultural Video Production with Professor Jon Rubin.  This was the start of … [Read more…]