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Bridging Areas of Difference: Linking Through Language and Technology

            Ruby ’14 JC and I are different in almost every way you can think of. He is a man, and I am a woman. His first language is French, and mine is English. He came to Richmond from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and I from Rhode Island. [...]

It is a Juggling Act!

Kathy C. UR Staff, Human Resources Serves regularly with the Gay Community Center of Richmond, among other organizations! April is National Volunteer month and as I write this blog post, I am struck by the fact that I have been serving in volunteer capacities for all of my professional life, which equates to 37 years!  [...]

These Scars Would Last A Lifetime

Carolyn F. UR Staff, Office of Admissions I remember the moment I decided I would volunteer for the YWCA working with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.  I was back in school as a newly divorced woman with 3 children and a full time job at the University of Richmond. I was within a [...]